Composer: Ruth Barrett – View bio »

Release Date (digital): 24 October 2018

About the album
This is Emmy-Nominated composer Ruth Barrett’s soundtrack to the BBC’s six-part series Bodyguard. The series originally aired in August and was hailed as the biggest and most watched drama on British television in over a decade.

Notes from Ruth:

“The soundtrack portrays the inner workings of lead character David Budd’s mind: his PTSD, torment and conflicting emotions about Julia, the woman he is assigned to protect. There are no big melodies – it’s more about mood and feeling, which was the brief by Thomas Vincent, the director. The entire sound palette is bespoke, using a lot of processed raw sounds recorded specifically for this project, including bass trombone and modular synths. Scratchy electric cello became the signature sound for David’s anxiety.  For this I used a variety of scraping effects and textures, favouring the imperfections and the sound of the hair on the bow. The score is rough-and-ready and the main theme has an infectious club-like beat which the producers felt sounded like a seedy Berlin nightclub at 4am, dark and a bit unhinged. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a show where anything could happen!”

  1. Bodyguard – 02:57
  2. Attraction – 02:48
  3. Meet the Terror – 03:05
  4. Attack – 03:33
  5. Fear and Loathing – 03:37
  6. Obsession – 01:56
  7. The Trap – 03:22
  8. Despair – 02:45
  9. Renegade – 02:21
  1. The Trick – 03:39**
  2. Conspiracy – 01:31
  3. Dark Night – 01:45
  4. Makarov – 02:08
  5. Kompromat – 02:01
  6. Dread – 03:03
  7. Wired – 01:46
  8. To Protect You – 01:36

**written by Ruskin Williamson