Earth Revival

Composer: Benjamin Wallfisch – View bio »

Release Date (digital): 16 November 2023

About the album

This is composer Benjamin Wallfisch’s soundtrack to the sci-fi survival game ‘Earth:Revival’.

One of the finest composers of his generation, Benjamin Wallfisch is known for his scores to films including ‘The Flash’, directed by Andy Muschietti, ‘Mortal Kombat’, Ron Howard’s ‘Thirteen Lives’, ‘The Invisible Man’, David F. Sandberg’s box office number one film ‘Shazam!’, Andy Muschietti’s ‘IT’ and ‘IT Chapter Two’ and ‘Blade Runner: 2049’ (co-composed with Hans Zimmer).

For this soundtrack Benjamin has combined stunning orchestral music and atmospheric electronics – pulsating synths and exquisite strings come together to create a score that emanates energy and drives the gameplay.

From developer and publisher Nuverse, ‘Earth: Revival’ is a sci-fi TPS survival game set in 2112, available for iOS/Android/PC. On an Earth ravaged by Tox, a mysterious alien entity, explore a vast open world with deserts, urban ruins, wetlands, and snowy peaks. Try your best to survive in harsh environments and ever-changing conditions! Collect wood, ore, and food to craft items, weapons, and havens. Wield futuristic weapons and pilot Power Armors as the Earth’s last hope to resist alien creatures and take down evil organizations. Protect the Earth with your friends and restore human civilization!

Check out the Earth: Revival official site here.

  1. Earth: Revival – 3:29
  2. Sundale Valley – 1:37
  3. Gene Lab – 3:24
  4. Ragon Snow Peak – 1:38
  5. Eden – 1:41
  6. Howling Gobi – 1:40
  7. Power Amor – 4:52
  8. Pegasus Space Station – 1:42
  9. Kepler Port – 2:26
  10. Alliance – 3:15
  11. Earth: Revival (Synth Version) – 3:29