No Escape

Composer: Dominik Scherrer – View bio »

Release Date (digital): 7 June 2023

About the album

This is Ivor Novello Award winning composer Dominik Scherrer’s soundtrack to the seven-part thriller series No Escape. Dominik’s outstanding score combines both orchestral and electronic instrumentation with percussion sounds inspired by the sea, capturing the essence of the beautiful scenic locations and the tense, emotional journey the enigmatic characters are on.

No Escape follows best friends Lana and Kitty, who are on the run from their lives in the UK. Together they find refuge on a romantic yacht, The Blue, crewed by a group of enigmatic people sailing through South East Asia. But The Blue harbours dark secrets and the paradise the girls thought they had found turns into a nightmare’

Currently streaming on Paramount+, No Escape is adapted from Lucy Clarke’s best-selling novel. It has been produced by New Pictures, written by Kris Mrksa, directed by Hans Herbots and stars Abigail Lawrie, Rhianne Barreto, Sean Keenan, Jay Ryan, Jake Macapagal, Colette Dalal Tchantcho, Elmo Anton Stratz, Narayan David Hecter, Josh McConville and Susie Porter.

‘No Escape, based on Lucy Clarke’s fantastic novel The Blue, is set on a beautiful yacht that sails between the Philippine Sea and Northern Australia. I wanted to transport the audience to an exotic and magnificent place with music that has a specifically sea-related sound to it. We recorded an entire library of sea-shell shakers and percussion, blown conch shell, and spent time in a boat yard, recording percussion played on boat hulls and related equipment.

A close collaboration with the sound team allowed the score and sound design to blend and not to always be perceived as separate elements.

Lana’s Journey is a central theme, and reflects the main character’s different moments of fear, romance, perception of her environment. It first appears pretty and innocent, but its 7/8 time signature leads to a more unsettling feel, where the idyll is not quite what it first appears to be, and then leads us into the dark unknown depths of the ocean.’ – Dominik Scherrer

  1. Townsville, Queensland – 2:29
  2. Tender to The Blue – 1:26
  3. Lana’s Journey – 1:58
  4. Swimming to the Beach – 1:40
  5. The Waterfall – 1:32
  6. No Escape from the Past – 3:50
  7. Entering the Blue – 1:37
  8. Colonel Reyes – 2:48
  9. Funeral and Danger – 4:21
  10. Boat Chase – 4:02
  11. Lana returns to the Police – 1:15
  12. Aaron’s Decision – 1:07
  13. Why Would Anyone Lie – 2:54
  14. The BLF – 1:50
  15. Coming Clean – 5:05
  16. I just Want to be with Lana – 3:56