Composer: Benjamin Sturley

Release Date (digital): 2nd July 2021

About the album

The is the soundtrack to the Netflix documentary film Seaspiracy. The music is written by composer Benjamin Sturley, who has toured as bassist and bandleader for Selena Gomez, Liz Phair and Noah Cyrus.

Seaspiracy, directed by and starring British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, explores the environmental impact of human actions on marine life. The film investigates plastic pollution and challenges notions of sustainable fishing, whilst uncovering the legal and ethical corruption of the commercial fishing industry. Benjamin’s soundtrack perfectly captures the emotion of the film with pulsating electronics complemented by softer string elements.

‘Creating the score for Seaspiracy posed a unique and fun set of challenges. Though there’s an inherent sense of immediacy and tension in Ali and Lucy’s journey, at its core, Seaspiracy is a love letter to the ocean and the life within it. Having spent months at a time on the open water in a previous life, I tapped into that experience to find not just the timbre of the score, but the feel, the texture, the space and the density that most appropriately reflected their discovery throughout the film, as well as our collective reverence for the ocean’. – Benjamin Sturley

  1. Intro– 1:08
  2. Mission Statement – 1:08
  3. Welcome to Taiji – 1:58
  4. They Came in Formation – 2:25
  5. Spy Cameras/ International Whaling Ban– 3:09
  6. Shark Fin City– 2:04
  7. Pest Control – 1:31
  8. Harmony & Balance – 1:26
  9. Fishing Nets – 0:56
  10. On the Ship – 1:18
  1. Leaving Thailand – 2:33
  2. Bycatch / The Whale in the Room – 1:45
  3. Killing Off the Crew / Trawling – 3:01
  4. Turning Point / Sylvia Earle – 2:28
  5. Outbreaks – 1:23
  6. Murdered at Sea – 1:12
  7. Subsidies / Liberia – 3:08
  8. Blood Shrimp / Point to Thailand – 1:09
  9. The Safety Concerns Are Serious – 1:30
  10. Redemption – 2:36