The Tourist

Composer: Dominik Scherrer – View bio »

Release Date (digital): 20 May 2022

About the album

This is Ivor Novello Award winning composer Dominik Scherrer’s soundtrack to the six-part thriller series The Tourist, written by Harry and Jack Williams (The Missing, Baptiste) and starring Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, Shalom Brune-Franklin, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson and Alex Dimitriades. Dominik’s music to the series incorporates acoustic elements including solo strings, guitars, choir and percussion which have been processed electronically, resulting in a brilliantly diverse score that showcases Dominik’s fresh and innovative approach to composing.

The Tourist soundtrack album is available on all digital platforms with an exclusive Dolby Atmos version available on Apple Music.

“There are two major roles in ‘The Tourist’ score — it’s almost a kind of yin and yang concept. One is the dark and brooding, unnerving one, with processed solo strings, in particular cello solos, processed vocals played through guitar amplifiers, some slowed down as well as chopped up elements. The other side is the lyrical one. I was inspired by early 19th century hymns – I felt there was an unwritten religious tone to the script. Perhaps because it’s about only a few people in an unforgiving desert, and one can imagine a god who watches them from above.

It was amazing reuniting with Jack and Harry Williams, who wrote one of the funniest and most intriguing scripts I’ve ever read, and also working with director Chris Sweeney because we shared similar musical instincts.” – Dominik Scherrer

  1. I Have No Name – 1:24
  2. The Tourist – 2:07
  3. Chased by a Truck – 2:12
  4. Back on the Road– 1:21
  5. Wedding Dance – 2:17
  6. Koala – 1:45
  7. Bloody Mary – 0:36
  8. Elliot Stanley – 1:31
  9. Ethan Has a Visitor – 0:54
  10. Man Without a Past – 2:37
  11. Detective Inspector Lachlan Rogers– 1:35
  1. Billy Nixon– 2:21
  2. Young Kosta – 1:31
  3. Elliot Meets Victoria – 1:51
  4. The Stone Men – 1:44
  5. Helen Gets Humiliated – 1:45
  6. How Marko Ended Up in the Oil Drum – 2:23
  7. Lena Pascal – 1:26
  8. Bag of Money – 1:50
  9. Happiness is a Burrito– 1:11
  10. Lena’s Flight – 3:01
  11. Love Story of the Century – 2:09